ZDC-001 is the pulse solenoid lock with DC charging guns and feedback signals

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Product: Module ZDC-001 of solenoid lock with DCcharging guns and feedback signals

Model: ZDC-001

Type: Pulse solenoid lock

Application: solenoid lockwith DC charging guns and feedback signals

Size: 59.75 * 17.8 * 20mm

Voltage: DC12V

Current: 1.5A

Resistance: 8Ω

Power: 18W

Holding force: 500g

Push force: 200g

Stroke: 4mm

Life: 100,000 times

Working cycle: on 0.5 seconds, off 30 seconds


1. The solenoid andmicro-switch are packaged as a whole, the shell is welded ultrasonically,   to prevent the rain and dust.

2. The integrated designof solenoid and signal switch improves the product reliability, and simplifiesthe internal space of charging gun,   easyto install.

3. Transparent andfashionable shell, making you view the working status of internal componentsclearly, looking for the cause of problems easily.




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